What is Thermal Paper Rolls?

Thermal paper is a special coated paper which gives impression when exposed to heat without the use of ink, toner or ribbon.

Application of Thermal Paper?

Thermal Paper is widely used for consumer receipts at sales counters, restaurants, supermarkets, parking tickets, POS (Point of Sales) machines, credit card machines, ATM receipts, electricity bills, gas bills, etc.

  • Customization Option: Coreless Rolls/ Pre-Printed Rolls/ BPA free-rolls/ Plastic core/ Kraft Core/ OEM Manufacturing
  • Coreless thermal paper rolls helps in reducing plastic usage and marginally reduced transportation costs.
  • Pre-Printed Rolls helps in our clients in advertising their brand, trademark, logo, website, coupon code, Terms & Conditions’ etc. on the reverse side/ front side of the receipt. This helps our clients in reducing advertising cost
  • Plastic Core/ Kraft Core: We offer plastic core and kraft core, as per the choice of the client.
    OEM Manufacturing: If you wish the resell thermal POS rolls under your brand name, we package thermal paper rolls as per your brand and requirements.

We can offer other customization options as well. Please contact us, and we will be happy to serve your requirements.